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How modular homes are redefining the modern living standards?

If you are home improvement aficionado or house building experts, you might have heard of modular homes setting. But for many, it is new kind of dwelling that is no less than an alien word. To tell you the truth, modular home structure is becoming a new definition of living standards and has same facilities and luxury as you find in houses built on-site. However, these kind of houses are a very different from normal houses where you usually live in.

Granny flats prefabricated
Granny flats prefabricated
Here is what all you need to know about modular dwellings:

What is modular home?

The major remarkable difference between modular houses and ordinary houses is that they are built indoors in a factory where it is manufactured in parts. The product thus made in an indoor setting is then transported to its desired location where a builder or contractor assembles them to form a single unit of the house. The prejudice about modular dwelling is that it is a mobile home while it is not. It is built off-site and is known as factory-built or prefabricated homes.

The difference between modular and manufactured homes

Manufactured homes are often confused with modular ones thinking that they are mobile types. This is a wrong conception since manufactured homes do not mount on static foundations and can be moved from one place to another. There are certain legal rules and that define the difference between these two residential settings.

Modular homes are built indoors and can be done just in a few weeks. They do not go through weather-dependent delays and must comply with specific laws and government guidelines for home improvement codes.

Every company involved in building prefabricated homes makes assorted designs. This is why it behooves for you to scour through its market to find the best one with good quality, price, and service standard.

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Modular homes Brisbane
Modular homes Brisbane

Facts you should know about modular homes

  • Modular homes have as much value as on-site built house
  • They are all customizable to fit your personal needs
  • Their designs are created by means of computers under the direction of engineers
  • Modular home is built with various designs and styles
  • Modular houses also have commercial purpose and can be treated as office building
  • They are not temporary structures and are a real-time property
  • They are often looked as a green building with eco-friendly approach
  • They offer amazing speed in building and are a time-saver
  • You can apply for the loans and insurance for modular settings
  • All the usual taxation and other rules made for ordinary houses also apply for modular houses
  • Modular dwellings offer flexible space

Varied designs and styles

If you have thought modular homes are all the same, think again. It is a widespread myth that modular houses look same. This is false; in fact, they come with a range of design options and styles. You can have it done in almost any style you desire. You can convert it into traditional, classy or even contemporary as you wish. Any style of windows and aesthetic details can be planned and implemented, allowing you to build a dream home under one roof.

The assembly process of modular home

As we discussed above, factory-built homes are prepared in sections and then transported to the actual site where it is expected to take a shape of an actual house. After being assembled on a fixed spot, you can’t move modular homes anywhere else. It offers elegant features including customized floors, classy countertops, cabinet styles, plumbing fixtures and decorative elements. It will be assembled to perfection to give you a fully functional house with its own unique personality.

Modular homes Gold Coast
Modular homes Gold Coast

The expenses involved in factory-built homes

Since they are constructed in pieces under a factory roof and not on site, this kind of settings can save a lot of money and time. There are no delays because of weather effects and can be built in weeks. Everything performed in order to build each section of the house is executed under the inspection of a third-party, which means there is no compromise done as far as the quality and durability go. So what you get as a final product is amazing.

The cost still varies depending on the kind of features that you expect from the design. If the design of the modular home suggested by you gets complicated, you will pay accordingly. The addition of basement, gas, electricity and plumbing features will decide the final price.


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