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Decorating the Homes or Office with Stone Cladding

Stone cladding technique offers the space, an ageless look. It looks classic and is known to accommodate both urban as well as rustic designs harmoniously. This technique can be incorporated in not just the interiors but also for the exteriors. The best part is it builds the space which is immune to harsh weather conditions and keeps it tough for a very long time. However, it is not like adding some random stone façade. You will have to carefully think about the design and then employ the professionals for undertaking the procedure.

Stone Cladding
Stone Cladding

How to begin decorating the space with stone cladding?

  1. Decision Time: There are several basic things that one has to decide on. Begin with the section that you will want to work on. Keep the nature of the space in mind. Cladding done in commercial or office spaces will be much different from that undertaken in the residential or household projects. This will help you decide whether to have casual or formal stones and designs for cladding. There are certain areas like garden, fireplace, patio etc that will help you create an ambiance. However, you will have to be sure about everything which is possible only with meticulous planning. 
  1. Real Stones v/s Manufactured: In the beginning, the manufactured stones used to look artificial. However, with the advancements, there have been ample techniques where the manufactured stones look exactly like the real one. They even resemble in their texture with the original ones. However, when it comes to finalizing on stones, you will have to keep in mind that real stones are expensive than the fake ones. But on the other hand, the real ones are easy to maintain and will last for a very long time. Hence, when you are investing in the stone cladding, you should be conscious about your choices. 
  1. Cross-Combinations: Gone are the days where people use to stick to identical stones for stone cladding. Now interior designers are coming up with a variety of techniques and combining different types of stones for cladding. If you have a good sense in designing, you can come up with the combinations. But, if you are unsure, there is always the internet to help you with ideas. Also, you can hire a professional who is adept in handling such projects. Get into discussions and look at the bigger picture. Without careful planning, the given space might turn out to be a disaster. 
  1. Pre and Post-Installation Care: People often get caught up in the process of selecting the spot and stones for cladding that they tend to neglect the dos and don’ts. You will have to inquire about the process of stone cladding in detail. In case you are planning to do the installation on your own, you will have to be careful about certain things. Post the installation, you will have to follow the care and maintenance procedures. For this, you will have to be ready in advance. 
  1. Financing for the Project: The process of stone cladding can be expensive depending on the stones and services you choose to employ. However, if you decide on an amount and discuss it with the professionals they might work around it. But, it is always ideal to set aside some amount from the actual amount. In case, there is some emergency or the calculation goes wrong, the same money will come in handy. Besides, there are several loan options for home renovation projects that you can choose to apply for.
Stone Cladding Melbourne
Stone Cladding Melbourne

Such planning pointers will help you take up the project carefully and accomplish what you intend to do with the reserved space. You will be able to manage your time, money and resources efficiently.


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