Thursday, 14 June 2018

Know It All Before Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

Before getting your wisdom, teeth removed, there are various questions one must ask their dentist. For different people, the extraction procedures and the complexities in the operation are different. Ask your doctor about the situation of your mouth and all the things that you should expect from the procedure.

wisdom teeth removal

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal A Necessary Task?

Our jaws have limited space and they do not grow enough, to accommodate another set of teeth in the end. Due to this, when a wisdom tooth erupts, it does not have much room, and so, it needs to come out at an angle, in bad cases, they might not even fully emerge. This creates a lot of stress in the jaw bone and causes problems for the rest of the mouth.
As they grow, our jaw goes into a tighter situation day by day and the gap between the teeth also reduces, causing them to damage one another. Wisdom teeth, as they grow, have a direct impact on the second molars, which causes a lot of pain and complications in the surgery, if the problems escalate. Most people require a wisdom teeth removal to be done.

Why There Is No Room for them?

The modern-day diet lacks the required nutrition for proper jaw development resulting in smaller jaws. A vitamin, particularly Vitamin K2, is the one responsible for the development of jaws. In the modern diets, most people lack the vitamin in their diet in their growing years. Along with that, the popularity of low-fat diets and modern food manufacturing methods has led to a decline of the Vitamin in our diet to almost extinction. Due to this, modern jaws are underdeveloped. This reduces the space for wisdom teeth to grow naturally. This is very important for the children to have crunchy foods that are rich in vitamin k2 which is in abundance in the organs of grass eating animals.

When Is the Right Time to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The perfect time for wisdom teeth removals when the teeth have fully developed, and you are in a comfortable situation for a considerable time to take care of yourself. Usually, two scenarios are possible:

  • Before the Formation of Root: It is much more difficult for the teeth to be extracted when their roots have been fully developed. Teeth grow from crown to the roots, and so when the teeth are removed before the root hold a grip into the jaw, the surgery is easier to do, and the recovery time is very less.
  • The Beginning of Summer Breaks: It is easier to get teeth removed when you have time to take care of yourself, and the stress level is low. At the beginning of the summer breaks (probably in high school). This time, the stress level is very low, and you have enough time and you are healthy enough to give proper time to recover from the surgery.

    wisdom teeth removal


In the end, the wisdom teeth removal procedure can be a complicated task and needs a lot of taking care of after extraction. Before going through the procedure, one must know the basic idea behind the extraction, and what are the complications associated to it. There needs to be an awareness of all the things to take care of the post-surgery wound and how to cope with everyday difficulties during the recovery stage. Consulting a dentist before the procedure is a must and a proper diet for good recovery is important. Knowing all the above-mentioned facts might help in the knowledge of the procedure and its importance.

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