Friday, 20 January 2017

What Are The Advantages Of A Custom Granny Flat?

People intend to transfer their elder family members to some old age home after a certain period because they cannot adjust with the age difference, and they cannot spend quality time for these elder members, or else, they are often not able to take care of them. But now you can build a separate granny home for your elder family member where he or she can stay independently, and you can also get in touch with the member on a regular basis. A granny flat ranges from 35 square meters to up to around 60 square meters. These can be designed as per the need, requirements as well as the desires of the owner. It can be made into a studio or it can even have up to 3 bedrooms. The space can be customized so that the patios, verandahs, decks, garages and sheds and patios can be created as per what the owner wants.

Custom granny flats
Custom granny flats

Different types of granny homes: 

There are various types of granny flats which can be designed. There are those that have a bedroom, bathroom with a laundry and kitchen. There are other ones that are larger which have 2 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen and it may include a private al fresco area as well.
  • Custom granny flats are a way where value can be added to the land and it allows for flexibility to change the place in the future as well. With these customized granny flats, you can include all basic features inside the flats, and you can also design a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for your elder family member.
  • You can choose the granny flat which best meets your requirements and which suits your block. These also however need to be approved by the local council.
  • These granny flats can either be attached to the house or it can be attached to the garage or it can be a separate place altogether. There are other granny flats which are converted from garages or they are a converted part of the home. However you need to make the granny flats in a prominent location of your premises where the elders can live comfortably. 
Custom granny flats Brisbane
Custom granny flats Brisbane

Why do you build up a new granny flat?

  • These accommodate the extended family members like teenagers or parents who are elderly. These can be custom made so the family can be close while the person still feels that they are independent and can maintain their independence as well. These granny flats can cater to the needs of the disabled or the elderly
  • It allows friends and family who come to visit a great experience. They are part of the family and yet they have their independence.
  • These are perfect as a music studio or to practice art or just to get some quiet place away from distraction
  • This is a great place where you can work from home without facing the inconvenience and the bother of commuting daily. You can spend some time with your elder family members and share some interesting moments with them. You can also conduct some small recreational events in the granny flats occasionally.
  • You can earn a supplementary income by renting out the granny flat. Also you can utilize these flats as a part of your guest house.
  • When you have a customized granny flat the value of the house appreciates and you get a much higher price for it when you want to resell the place. 
Granny flats are your property only and these are the extended parts of your house. They can easily increase the property value and you will get huge resale price in future.

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