Monday, 27 June 2016

Top six misconceptions about your car service

If you have your own car then you might know about the car service because you need to maintain your car in a proper manner. Along with that, a certified car service can provide you with many benefits including longevity, safe driving, maintenance and fuel economy features. But it does not mean that you will handle your car by yourself and diagnose the problem and try to solve it accordingly. You may save some amount for self-servicing, but you will be affected by major road accidents also. So beware of this issue and hire the best car service centre for the regular maintenance of your car.

roadworthy certificate preston
Roadworthy certificate Preston

What are the major misconceptions about car service? 

  1. Changed engine oil: major car services always suggest you change your engine oil after 3000 miles. But it does not matter and you need to check the manufacturer’s guideline in this regards. Different car models need to change their engine oil after a specific mileage and you have to follow your company’s terms and condition. But if you drive your car on a hill area or through a bad road condition, then you have to change the engine oil after 3000 miles. It is better to consult with the car service and they can understand the exact condition of the engine, and they will suggest you to change the oil if required.

  2. Coolant change: most people think that engine oil needs to be changed along with the coolant. But you have to check the manual of your car manufacturer and if your coolant does not have any leakage, then you do not need to change it. It can be suggested by the experienced car service professionals, and they can easily diagnose the coolant problem.

  3. Regular grade fuel: if you use the regular grade fuel in your car and you think that premium grade fuels can enhance your car’s performance then you are wrong. Premium fuel can remove the pre-ignition problem and it does not enhance your car mileage at any cost. Apart from that, if your car is a costly one or if you drive a luxury car, then you can use the premium grade fuel after a stipulated time frame and it will just pick up your ignition, nothing else.

  4. Warm up the car: it is true that, if you warm up your car before driving then your car will stay healthy. It is just like the human body. If you maintain the regular exercise routine, then you will live healthily and likewise when you warm up your car, the spare parts and engine become warm and they can give you the best on-road performance. It is suggested to avoid picking high speed when you start your car.

  5. Battery recharged: the engine, music system and cooling system of your car take the maximum power of your car battery and if you think that your battery will be recharged after few hours, then you might be wrong. You have to check the battery from car service and they can replace your battery on time. Do not use the old battery for a long time, because it can damage your brakes and engine easily.

  6. Car washing: car washing needs to be done with the liquid car washing solution. You have to avoid some detergent and other washing powders because these powders can result in scratches on your car. So you have to take the professional help and it can be done by an authentic car service only.
car service preston
Car service Preston
So now you can easily maintain your car with an authorized car service centre and they will provide excellent service with additional insurance facility.

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